2019 Day 1 Supplement: Keith Johnstone Impro Workshop

Notes from Keith Johnstone Impro Workshop 2019 Day 1 Supplement.

Keith Johnstone Impro Workshop 2019 in Vancouver
Day 1 Supplement
Keith’s private lecture on Musicsports at lunchtime

I was try to send you an email on Musicsports.
I think you should do Musicsports because you know impro and you have enthusiasm for music.
I tried Musicsports once or twice but no one is doing it now.
The last public impro classical musician was Franz Liszt but there used to be a lot of impro music 200 years ago. There must be a kind of Musicsports.
Bartok and Stravinsky can compete in improvisation.
Musicians should be young. You should train them. Great musicians might be difficult to do it.
Ideas for challenges. Show musicians a short movie and let them make music for it. Make music on the same base line.
Who should be judges? It depends on the audience. If all judges are musicians, audience should be musicians.
Musicians should make mistakes.
Start privately. Do Musicsports with your friends for fun. Do it in a party. Then do 20 minutes public Musicsports. You should try it several times and learn how to do it.
Classical music is dying. Young people don’t want to listen to Schoenberg. Musicsports can affect people who are not familiar with classical music. You can do something.